Why Arabian Deserts Are Great for Safaris: Wonderful Wildlife and Scenic Views

When you think of a safari, what comes to mind? The vast plains of Africa with their towering giraffes and lumbering elephants? While this is certainly an unforgettable experience, did you know that you can also go on safari in the Arabian Desert? Believe it or not, this arid landscape is home to some wonderful wildlife and stunning scenery. Here are just a few reasons why Arabian deserts make great destinations for safaris.

The wildlife in Arabian deserts is truly amazing. You can see everything from camels and oryx to gazelles and ibex. There are also plenty of predators, including lions, leopards, and wolves. This makes for some thrilling safari sightings!

Another great thing about safaris in Arabian deserts is the scenery. The deserts are awash with stunning red sand dunes and rocky canyons. There are also plenty of oases, which make for lovely spots to rest and take in the beauty of the desert.

Finally, Arabian deserts offer a very different safari experience than those in Africa. For one thing, the landscapes are quite varied, making for an interesting and ever-changing backdrop. Additionally, the temperatures in Arabian deserts are much more mild than those in Africa, making it a viable option for safaris year-round.

Here are places in Arabian deserts that are great for safaris:

  • The Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia: This is the largest sand desert in the world, and it’s full of fascinating wildlife.
  • The Rub’ al Khali in Oman: This desert is known for its red dunes, which make for a beautiful landscape.
  • Wadi Rum in Jordan: This desert is known for its canyons and towering rock formations.

So, if you’re looking for an exotic safari destination, be sure to consider Arabian deserts! They offer a unique and unforgettable experience that you won’t find anywhere else.